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Here the problem with this IP address is people tend to think the correct IP address format is and not but the original format of the IP address is because the IPv4 address is a combination of 4 eight bit numbers. The format will be like “xxx:xxx:xxx:xxx” so the right IP address is and not


  1. Why IP?
  2. Log in to IP address.
  3. Routers that use
  4. Default router credentials

Why IP?

This IP address is a private IP address and it can be connected to the outside world internet since the private IPs cannot connect to the outside world. The reason that we use private IP address is to stop the over exhaustion of the public IP address. If we start using private IP address for the devices that don’t need to connect to the outside world internet then we can easily reduce the usage of IPv4 address that could save us some time to switch over to the IPv6 IP addresses.

These private IP addresses will be assigned to the devices such as routers and use them in the private network. These private addresses devices communicate to the public IP addresses device that will translate the private address to a common public IP and communicate with the outside internet. So that two or more devices that have private IP addresses will share the common public address thus saving the IPv4 usage.

Currently all the internet traffic is slowly changing to the IPv6 IP address. But everything has not been converted yet. Currently only 23%+ of the internet traffic uses the IPv6 address. So it will definitely take a long time before everyone completely switching over to IPv6 address.

Log in to IP address?

Before jumping into this step the first thing that you need to analyse is that whether the router that you use has the IP as the default gateway IP address. If not then you can’t follow some of the steps below. Proceed after confirming that the router you use has as the IP address.

  1. Open the browser of your choice.
  2. Type in the search bar “” correctly. If you think that you might do a mistake then copy
    this and paste there in the search bar.
  3. After you hit enter the router’s settings page will open and the you will see the router’s admin control
    being displayed there.
  4. You need to know the credentials to login to the settings page and use it. If you are new to this page
    then you need to find the default username and password depending on the type or company router that you are using. You can see the steps to find the router credentials here.
  5. After logging in, if you have logged in using the default credentials then it is advised to change the
    credentials because of the security risks it may possess.

Routers that use

As far we know one of the most famous routers that use the IP address is Xfinity router and comcast router. They both use IP address as their default gateway. You can also change the router IP address if you have any other device that are already connected to the network. But make sure that the IP address you use stays in between to because these routers are destined to work like that.

Some default username and password for the known routers:

Misspelling that occur with


http // login

http // login

The CORRECT way to write the IP Address:

The only correct ways to write the IP address in your browser’s address bar are:


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