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IP address is nothing but an address that is used to identify any computer or a device that is connected to the network. Every device must have a unique address that can be used to identify them in the network. Such address is called the IP address and there are many types of IP address used depending on the type of application. Here we gonna discuss about the IP

Basics on IP and where is used.

This is one of the most used IP address in the routers. Most of the brands that are commonly used contains as the default router IP. It’s good to memories this IP address because it is used in many of the routers that are used worldwide.

Every routers that we use have some settings page that we can use to change the behavior of the routers. You can use the settings page to set the Wi-Fi password of the routers and control how much devices that could connect to the router at once. Also you can block or restrict access to certain devices that you don’t want access to your router.

Types of routers use this IP address

Before trying to know about the IP address we need to know about the IP address types:
1. Private IP Address
2. Public IP Address

Private IP Address:

These IP addresses are addresses that are to be used within the private spaces and are not accessible by any outsiders. These IP address can be used for the devices that are connected to the network and are just to be used inside the building or facility. These IP addresses are known as the private IP address. Mostly routers use these IP addresses since they are to used inside the facility and not to be accessed from the outside.

Public IP Address:

Public IP addresses are the addresses that are used by the servers and the hosts that are connected to the internet and has it has to easily accessible from the outside. These IP address can be masked with the domain name in order to easily represent the server that hosts the domain files.

Here this IP address is a private IP address. It can be used inside the network to access the device using it. Routers use this IP as a default gateway. It helps to change the router settings.

Routers that use this IP as the default gateway address:

Many routers commonly use as the default gateway address. It is important to note that router brands like Linksys also use this IP as the default gateway address.

Steps to login

Now let’s look at the way we need to login to a router. First of all you need to connect the router to a
network and have a host to open the settings page.

1. Make sure you have connected your router to the host using an ethernet cable. Not all routers will have the wireless connection facility enabled by default. In case of the Linksys brand they disable it by default and you need to enable it if you need them.
2. You need to open a browser. Chrome is recommended. But you can use any browser of your choice.
3. In the browser address bar type in the IP address or just copy it from here and paste it and hit enter.
4. If your router brand’s default gateway address is then it will open the settings page in no
5. Some of the router’s settings page are protected by username and password. You need to check the
back of the router for finding the default username and password.

You can also check the default username and password for your favorite router here.

Steps to reset the username and password.

If you have set the username and password before and forgot it now then no need of worrying. You can
just reset the router to make it to come back to its factory settings.

1. Check the router and find the reset button.
2. Press the reset button for few seconds and will come back to the original factory settings.
3. If this method didn’t work or if you know the username and password but you just need to change the
settings then you can follow the below methods.

Alternative way to reset the router easily:

  1. Make sure the router is connected to the host.
  2. Type and hit enter.
  3. Type in the correct username and password. It will open the settings page.
  4. There you will see an administration tab. Click on the Factory Defaults tab.
  5. There you will find an option to Restore Factory Defaults. Click on it.

Now you will have your router reset. Use an easy username and password that you can always remember. Also change the credentials frequently.

Misspelling that occur with


192.168 .1.1


192.168 l 8.1.1

192.168. 1.1

192.168 1.1




192.168 l 1.1


The CORRECT way to write the IP Address:

The only correct ways to write the IP address in your browser’s address bar are:

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