• by is one of the most popularly used IP address that is being used by many routers worldwide. It is among the 16 bit private IPv4 address. This IP belongs to the private IP address category. The two main categories of the IP address includes public and the private IP address. Public IP addresses are assigned to the devices that directly connect to the outside world. If the device has no reason to connect to the outside world and is used inside a confined network space then the private IP address can be used. This IP is one of such a private IP address. Let’s see in brief how to use this IP addresses to login to the router settings.

What is and its uses  is an IP address that falls under the private IP address category and should be used only for private networking purposes. Many router brands that are most used worldwide has this as their default gateway address. A default gateway IP means the IP that allows the admin of the router to access their control panel or the settings panel. This IP differs from routers to routers depending on the brand that create them.

This IP is adopted by many good brands to work as their default gateway IP address also many security cameras, home appliances also use this IP as their gateway IP. These kind of IP address must also be unique inside a closed private network. No two devices that are connected within the same network should have the same IP. If it exists then it will create a conflict that might lead to the change of any of the device’s IP address.

Find the default gateway IP address:

Here let’s see how to find the default gateway address of your router or the device. For example if you have a security camera and want to know the default IP address that you can use to change the settings and other options using the admin privileges that you have. You have to turn back the device and check for the manufacture sticker that device possess. If it has the sticker then there will be the default gateway IP that device have. You can find it there. Sometimes it may not be available in the back of the router so that you have to learn it yourself.

Below I have given some of the most popular router brands and their default gateway address. It may certainly help you. Check below using the router model you have. I sincerely hope that you know the name of the router model you have.

Login to

  1. Like the other IPs this IP address has also the same technique to login. Please follow the steps to access the settings page of the router.
  2. Open the browser. Type in “” and hit enter.
  3. Make sure you didn’t enter the IP in the Google. If so then it will push you to the results page and not to the settings.
  4. If you done the step right and if your router brand has the IP then now you will have the settings page before you.
  5. Use the admin credentials to log in to the router. Some brands don’t have any credentials but mostly they do have.
  6. If you are newly visiting the settings page then kindly use the credentials that are default for the router.

Default router credentials.

Misspelling that occur with


http //192.168.l.254

https //192.168.l.254

192.168. 1.254


http //



http //192.168.l.254.254


The CORRECT way to write the IP Address:

The only correct ways to write the IP address in your browser’s address bar are:

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