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You entered the number 192.168.l5.1 in your browser and could not get to anywhere, only to a search on search engine Google or Bing. Probably your idea was to configure your home router , but in that way something was lost.

The number in question is your router’s IP. It has many uses and one of the main ones is to take it to the device configuration page that provides internet for the whole house.

Below you can see all the information you need to know about the IP number and how to access the settings area of your router

What is IP number?

The IP number looks a lot like this one: 192.168.l5.1. Although this is one of the most common versions, it is not the only one to be found on the web. Each router company and model can offer a different IP number.

The IP serves can serve as an address to access the configuration area of ​​your router. It is worth mentioning that the number must be typed correctly so that it is possible to view the settings page, otherwise the path will indicate you for a search or page that does not exist.

How to access this IP number?

  • To efficiently access the IP number , you first need to know if this is the correct address for your router. In the next topic, you can see what it takes to find the device number.
  • Access must be done with the correct IP in your computer’s browser. The preference is for applications like Chrome or Mozilla, as they tend to offer greater compatibility with this type of page, different from Microsoft Edge, for example.
  • Another minimum requirement to access the settings area is to be using the main computer on the network, which should generally be connected to the router with a network cable.
  • After fulfilling these conditions, type the IP in the browser and hit “Enter”. A new window will open with the request to use the login. The standard usage of router companies is as follows:
  • Login: admin
  • Password: admin
  • This login configuration can be modified whenever desired by the network owner.

How do I know my IP?

  • The IP number 192.168.l5.1 may not be the correct IP for your router. To know exactly which address to use, there are basically two very simple paths.
  • The easiest way can be through a label on the router. It is normal for companies to identify through a sticker which device’s IP and also the login that should be used in the access area.
  • If this information does not exist on the router, you can also search for the IP number through a computer connected to the network.
  • To do this, just click on the network symbol (WIFI) with the right button and select the option “Network and Sharing Center”. Then click on the network you are connected to and click on “Details”.
  • The IP number will be next to the information with the name “ Default IPv4 Gateway ”.

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